Photographing the intricacies of humans and their relationships


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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
-Wayne Gretzky
-Michael Scott
— Zach&Rosalie


Hey there! We are a husband and wife living in the  St. Louis area with our two cats and our dog!  Five years ago we began photographing weddings together and fell in love with celebrating alongside our couples.

You know that we're photographers but who are we?

 We are two spirit led soul mates who are pursuing kindness, compassion, and creativity in our day to day lives! We believe in slow mornings and embrace the complexities that make each life unique.

Rosalie is a vegetarian/animal lover, snorts when she laughs, and is small. She paints, sings,  looks at ads for dogs on Craigslist (It's how we got Maddie.) and will steal a piece of cake at your wedding.

Zach is funny,  loves history, appreciates memes, and collects albums on vinyl. (His collection is amazing.) He is also the funniest person on the planet and loves spooky, unsolved mysteries.

When we're not working you'll find us traveling, creating, or spending the night watching movies or rewatching one of the shows below. We watch A LOT of movies and listen to A LOT of Bob Dylan! 


Frequently Asked Questions

and some answers

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Photos of us by our sweet friend Beth Solano!

Where are you based?
We shoot weddings all over the country, but we love shooting local weddings as well! We serve the Poplar Bluff, Missouri, St. Louis Missouri, Springfield Missouri, Cape Girardeau Missouri, Paducah Kentucky, Nashville Tennessee, Memphis Tennessee, Kansas City Missouri, and Eureka Springs Arkansas areas. 

What is your shooting style? 
We are dedicated to shooting candid, authentic moments. We don't want you to feel obligated to look at our camera all day long, in fact we would rather you be absorbed in the moment and forget we're even there. We will be sneaking around all day, moving clutter, shooting connections and details you might miss while you're busy having the best time of your life.

Why should I hire a husband and wife team?
That's a pretty good question!  Six years ago we were in your shoes: Engaged and so ready to be married already! We know the joy and excitement and, let's be real, HARD work that goes into the big day, We work as a seamless team. From the time we begin communication, to shortly after your wedding when we deliver your images and products, we are working together to ensure that you have the best experience possible. We know that these are the memories you'll both be looking at for the rest of your lives because that's exactly what we do. Our wedding photos are all we have from that day besides each other and we're so thankful to have hired a quality trustworthy photographer to capture it all.

Will you both be shooting our wedding/elopement? 
Working together is our favorite thing, but we're perfectly capable on our own and often shoot solo or with a heavily tested and trusted second shooter, Currently Rosalie is our full time photographer and Zach works part time photo and full time as a pharmacy technician! (Let's be real, we have health insurance because of him woo!)

When will we receive our photos?
3-4 weeks after your wedding date. You can expect a 5-10 image sneak peak on Facebook and a 50 image blog post featured on our website before your gallery is delivered! 

My wedding doesn't have a lot of details, does that matter?
No way. As much as we love a pretty table scape, none of that is why we started this. We are in love with capturing the complexities and subtle nuances of relationships. Where ever there is love, we wish to be present.