Frank and Su-Young's Downtown Baltimore Wedding


Downtown - David and Dad’s Cafe

Baltimore, Md

Downtown City wedding in Baltimore, Maryland, David and Dads Cafe

I have to start this gallery off with a thank you because I just can’t wait until the end to do it.

Frank, Su-Young, ( and Cangialosis and Naam’s!)
Thank you for making me feel so welcome on your wedding day. The kindness and trust you had for and in me made your wedding day one I will never forget. Thank your families for me, as well. From escorting me to and from my accommodations to ensure my safety, to making me a to go plate of crepes and fruit, you all made me feel so taken care of. I hope that these photographs repay even a small amount of the kindness I was shown. (Special shout out to Andy for getting me water, keeping me company during dinner, and being my wedding buddy! You da best!)


I met Francis and Su-Young over Facetime. I’ll admit that when I recieved their wedding inquiry, I scoured social media looking for them, but I didn’t find them! When their sweet faces appeared on the screen before me, I nearly screamed. They are one of the cutest, sweetest couples I have ever interacted with! They both exuded what I can only describe as extra adorable. Frank is a PhD student at MIT and Su-Young a pianist and piano teacher in Baltimore. You’ll see in the photographs below an image of a music box with “Bunny + Robot” on it. (Their nicknames for each other. I’m telling you guys. ADORABLE. ) Frank proposed by building a music box and it played a melody that Su-Young wrote herself. Is that not the sweetest? Gentlemen, the bar has been set high!

The wedding took place in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. It was cold, windy, and absolutely beautiful. The ceremony happened in Frank’s father’s cafe, David and Dad’s, in what used to be a beautiful bank. A little love and restoration made this place the perfect venue for F + S’s dream wedding. High ceilings, marble everywhere, gold details, and delicious food! Su-Young looked stunning in her whimsical, soft gown. Frank looked dreamy in tweed and floral. (I’m obviously a fan, guys. They’re the cutest.) Su-Young’s bridesmaids looked incredible in soft blues.

Some of my favorite moments from the wedding:
- The first look in the elevator lobby
- Su-Young’s uncles’ choir’s surprise hymns during the ceremony
- Strangers cheering for Su-Young and Frank downtown
- Frank and Su-Young practicing their first dance between sky scrapers
- Frank and Su-Young singing Karaoke during their reception
- Seeing two families truly love and respect each other

All I can say is that I love this job and I love our couples. I want to shoot all your weddings.

- Rosalie Marion

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