Elizabeth and Alden's Intimate Back Yard Wedding In Nashville, Tennessee

Elizabeth and Aldens Intimate Backyard wedding in Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer00002.jpg

Alden and Elizabeth

Back Yard Wedding
Nashville Tennessee

Weddings are filled with people who are important to the bride and groom. When you shoot an intimate backyard wedding like E + A had in Alden’s parent’s back yard in Nashville Tennessee, the guest list is short. Every person there was carefully considered and intentionally invited.

We met Elizabeth and Alden at a previous wedding we photographed! (Shout out to Christine and Steven! Hey guys!) With wedding days being hectic, we don’t always get to interact with the bridal party as much as we’d like, so when we got lunch with these two and photographed their engagement session, it was so good to get to know them better. (Spoiler alert, we freakin adore them!) Alden is so funny and kind and Elizabeth lights up the room with her beautiful smile and loving heart.

They were married at Alden’s childhood home. His artwork was displayed on multiple walls. (So talented!) Their house is a midcentury dream with a beautiful view of Nashville. The deck was transformed to hold the ceremony and dance floor. (which allowed guests to really soak in the beauty that Tennessee has to offer while celebrating their friends' love. ) Walls made entirely of glass were also the perfect way for guests to really take in the view from inside through out the day.

Elizabeth texted me when she got her wedding dress fitted. Hearing how she described it and how it made beautiful it made her feel definitely caused me to tear up. We talk about moments a LOT in our work, but how you feel is equally important. We want you to feel like the best version of you on your wedding day. We want you to feel handsome or stunning, and you are all of those things. Elizabeth and Alden are all of those things.

Some of our favorite moments and things from the day:
• Alden and Elizabeth inheriting Alden’s grandparent’s wedding bands (It was beautiful)
• The Wiggly Dance that Alden and his siblings did during the reception
• Chic-Fil-A Dinner + brownie batter cake
• Elizabeth spinning in her gown during their first look
• The bartender magically guessing my age
• Seeing Nashville’s lights at night
• Elizabeths BEAUTIFUL flowers. The colors were so perfect!

It was definitely a wedding where we left with full hearts! (and stomachs!) How fortunate we are to have this incredibly special job.

Thanks for reading,
Rosalie Marion