Alex and Addison's St. Louis Wedding at Piper Palm House and Wild Carrot


Alex + Addison

St. Louis, Missouri



I was sitting in the parking lot of Menards when we recieved Alex and Addison’s first email about shooting their St. Louis wedding at the Piper Palm House and Wild Carrot. After a quick response and phone call, we decided that the four of us were a match made in heaven. It may be the fastest we’ve ever booked a wedding and you know what? After hanging out with them for their engagement session, (And getting a WICKED scar on my foot and knee.) Facetiming, stalking each other’s business and personal Instgrams, it’s no surprise that we love them like we’ve known them our whole lives.

We woke up before dawn and drive two hours into St. Louis to catch Alex and Addison reading their vow’s to each other in Alex’s suite. They read their vows to each other, tear filled and in their pajamas. It was a once in their life moment we were honored to be apart of. After grabbing breakfast, we headed back to shoot the rest of their day. You know, there are a lot of personalities mixing on wedding days and you just never know exactly how the day is going to play out. But Alex and Addison’s love and joy is infectious. It permeated every human who was apart of the day. Only happiness. Only laughter. Only good tears. From Alex seeing Addison walking down the aisle at Piper Palm House to dancing to the best live music at Wild Carrot, (Oh and the Chick-fil-a!) the whole day was just as magical as well… Magic! It was the REAL DEAL. Beautiful AND amazing.

Alex and Addison,
We’ll never forget this day.
Or the Chick-fil-a
Or the way
you par-tay

An elementary level poem by yours truly,
Rosalie Marion

Love you both!