Megan and Nathan's Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding in Springfield, Missouri

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We’ve known Nathan since he was ten years old. He was a quiet funny kid, but we didn’t spend much time with him. (We’re close to a decade older than him! Old!) Once he became a teenager, we realized what an incredible, responsible, and kind guy he was. His future wife had better be pretty dang special!


We met Megan a few years ago. She is the embodiment of goodness, love, and kindness. So when our friends spilled the beans that they were dating, I, Rosalie, was over the moon elated!! ”Of course!! They’re PERFECT for each other!!” Once their relationship became serious, I admitted to Megan that I didn’t want to put pressure on their relationship, but they were a perfect match in every way and if they broke up I would be devastated. No pressure, right?? Okay, it’s not my proudest moment, but dang it! I was RIGHT. Nathan is a youth leader and worship leader at our church and Megan serves along side him in both. These two are actual couple goals, and I hope these wedding photos warm your heart as much as they warm mine.

And now on to their wedding day story:

Megan and Nathan were married in Springfield, Missouri at the wedding venue Greenhouse Two Rivers. I’m not ashamed to have favorites, and Greenhouse Two Rivers is up there as one of my favorite wedding venues in the country! With multiple places to hold your ceremony, beautiful grounds, gorgeous white walls, and an aesthetic to die for, Greenhouse Two Rivers needs to be on your list of venues to tour.

The thing that stood out to us throughout the day was just the overall calm and joy that every guest seemed to have. A lot of the guests were members of our church, so to see them all there to love and support Megan and Nathan in Springfield, really filled our hearts. At weddings, emotions can run high. Sometimes people can get grumpy. There was none of that at this wedding. Just a sense of anticipation and overwhelming love. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true.

When it was time for the ceremony, Nathan had a surprise waiting on Megan. There at the front, he played for her. He sang for her. It was so beautiful. It was by far one of the most meaningful bridal entrances we’ve seen yet and we were so thankful to get to witness it not only as vendors, but as friends.

Megan and Nathan,
We hope that your relationship is always as beautiful as it is right now. As your love matures and grows, we hope that you keep Christ as your constant. We love you both!

-Rosalie and Zach

PS. Hey Bluff First fam!!