Robbie and Robbie's Illinois Wedding at the Brix on Fox in Carpentersville, Illinois


Robbie and Ryan

Wedding at The Brix on Fox
Carpentersville, IL

Chicago Wedding Photography The Brix on Fox

Ever wonder how beautiful a wedding outside Chicago in freezing cold November could be? Well, it can be impossibly beautiful. Robbie and Ryan proved that. This was one of those weddings where Zach and I walk around making eye contact with each other confirming that we are indeed shooting a dream wedding. Robbie and Ryan are wedding photographers, so you know that they had the best taste in wedding venues, (We’re looking at you, The Brix on Fox!) details, and vendors.

When we arrived, I remember distinctly how calm the day was. Robbie was getting ready in the bridal suite. (She’s the truest definition of beauty, inside and out.) Ryan was getting ready in the reception hall. One thing you should know about R+R is that they put everyone around them at ease. Every moment was one of complete joy. There wasn’t a single moment either one of them was flustered or stressed out. (It happens to the best of us, I assure you.) Even walking through day old snow, taking portraits, and having their first look in below freezing temperatures, there were only smiles and laughter and clouds of condensation from all of our mouths.

There were moments where emotions ran high. As Robbie walked down the aisle, she, her brothers, and Ryan all cried. It was such a sweet moment. The culmination of all their hopes and dreams of finding the one they would love and love them in return was realized in that moment. It’s easy to get caught up in moments throughout the day, but the ceremony. That’s the beating heart of your wedding day.
If there’s one piece of advice that comes from you reading this blog post, please please get a good officiant. The officiant who married Robbie and Ryan was so personal and kind and hilarious. We’re talking doubled over laughter, and endearing gazes exchanged.

To all of you getting married, I wish you two things for your reception: That you have a DJ as amazing as Robbie and Ryans, and that your dance floor is as full as theirs was the whole night long!

What an incredible day. What an incredible marriage.

Thanks for reading,
Zach and Rosalie Marion