John and Katelyn's Nashville Wedding at Green Door Gourmet

We were honored to document John and Katelyn’s wedding day back in June and have been thinking about this warm, sunny day ever since!

When Katelyn contacted us about shooting their wedding, we hopped on the phone for a quick consultation, and I immediately felt connected to their story and who they are as people. One of the photos that drew K to our work was a photo of a bride and groom worshiping in the mountains during their ceremony. (We’ve blogged that beautiful wedding too!)

That word was used a lot.
Every detail, every attendee was intentionally chosen.

Kate took the time to sit down and write about her wedding day:

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With all the choices in Nashville, what made you choose beautiful Green Door Gourmet?

There are so many beautiful spots in Nashville, but we had to factor in the amount of guests, our budget and also what openings were available. I had also dreamed of a wedding that people could relax, sit back and enjoy at. I didn’t want something too fancy, but I wanted warm and romantic. I felt like Green Door Gourmet had the space we needed, I appreciated the price, they were willing to give us the day of the week we needed, and I just loved the rustic, yet elegant feel!

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Wedding planning can be overwhelming, what was the most crucial thing you did to make it easier?

Wedding planning can be so daunting with so many details. I knew I had to create a good system for  myself that would allow me to pace myself as well as be able to delegate certain tasks to others helping me. I would highly recommend making an account with the and using their free program to help stay organized. It provided me with ideas for to-do lists and get a  better gage on what I should prioritize each month. They also have a fabulous way to create a guest list which I found helped simplify a very tricky part of planning.  So pacing yourself is what kept me from being too overwhelmed!

Jesus was truly present in your ceremony. Tell us a little about the songs you selected!

It was a big deal to me that God’s presence was both felt and honored at our wedding. I have a passion for music and worship. and it meant a lot to John and I that people would feel God’s love and light on them as they witnessed our ceremony. We chose two songs, “Be Thou my Vision” and “Great are You Lord.”  The hymn is both John and I’s personal favorite. It brings perspective and is the prayer of perspective that we would put on the eyes of Jesus no matter where He takes us. We wanted this prayer to be one that would help lay a foundation for us in our life together. “Great are You Lord” was written by David Leonard who was actually the one playing at our wedding. That song was birthed at the church we are all a part of and has always helped facilitate a moment to exalt the Lord in a powerful, unified manner. We knew our guests, ourselves, our wedding party as well as David would easily connect with this expression. It was my favorite moment in our ceremony! I believe the Lord loves weddings and I definitely encountered Him in this moment!

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What was your favorite moment and your favorite details of the day?

It is tough to narrow down my favorite parts of the day! I think there were just lots of little moments that I will forever remember as being sacred and a gift. My childhood best friend woke up early the morning of the wedding to make me breakfast and coffee and we got to just sit and celebrate what was about the happen. That was pretty cool. I also loved our first look. We originally were not going to do one, but we thought a moment to take a deep breath together, soak in each other’s smiles and get some jitters out would be a good idea. It was the most precious thing to see your almost husband look at you with adoration since us girls take such time and intentionality to dream up our perfect look. It did not disappoint! I felt so much more calm after a moment with him. I also just loved the ceremony and being able to look out in the crowd and feel an overwhelming sense of love and support. It was magic!

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With such large bridal party, you still managed to make every person feel so important. How were you able to accomplish that?

You are so kind! I think what made it easy to have so many girls, was that God has gifted me with some of the most genuine, kind, and selfless women. They had so much grace for me as I was trying to make sure to connect with each person, and they also enjoyed hanging out with each other. I think what helps too, is that I have a special history with each person I had up there with me, there is something special and sweet about each relationship. We all really know one another and so it makes being a room together much easier! I knew each one of these girls were backing me and John and knew me deeply, so even if we had a couple moments together, they felt important.  I honestly just felt like they all were so flexible, ready to engage and have fun. My job felt easy. 

What advice would you give brides planning their wedding now?

Brides, just know it is going to work out one way or another. Do not let stress consume you and do your best to keep perspective. The stress can definitely weigh on your heart, emotions and even close relationships because everything feels like such a big deal. However, do the best you can, stay true to yourself, do not overly people please and keep investing in relationships around you. Take date nights with your man to just remember why you are so excited to do life together! Things can get pretty tense with family dynamics, but remember it is only for a short time and choose love partnered with honesty.  Know you are loved! Know you are going to look stunning. Soak up this super special season as best you can. You will honestly miss it;)

Were your happy with Zach&Rosalie as your photographers? Would you recommend them to other couples planning their weddings, and if so, why?  

I was so pumped we went with Zach&Rosalie. Their spirits and willingness to work with you and help make it everything you dreamed your pictures would be are amazing. I felt like they befriended us instantly and made us feel so important and special. Not to mention they are so talented. I felt like they captured the true emotion of the wedding. I look back at my pictures and smile at how so many different personalities seem to jump off the screen simply because of how they captured people and moments. They gave me tons of pictures to choose from in such a timely manner! We got to look through a huge sneak peak as we boarded our plane to the honeymoon. They were peaceful, flexible and knew what they were doing. I am so happy with this choice and would recommend to anyone planning a wedding! 

Now that you've been married for a few months, how have you and John grown as a couple?

Oh man the first few months of marriage you learn SO much. I know it is a never ending process, but it is crazy how much adjusting, growing and learning you do. I have loved the process even though at times it has been raw and even hard. Two imperfect people in such close proximity takes work and commitment. But I can say what I have learned is that laughing is the best thing. Do not take yourselves too seriously. Our friendship has grown so much and being able to just create time for good conversation and being silly together seems to help with everything else! Also having mentors and community around you that you trust and point you to Jesus are huge. Invest in friendships that are healthy for you outside of marriage and do not lose your individuality. Pray together and allow God to be the jell and give you answers when you have none. It is a beautiful process!! I love being married. 

Zach and Rosalie helped capture the essence of the spirit I was praying for at the wedding. They totally got behind us as a family and jumped right in to capture so many sweet relationships and moments that I will continue to cherish forever! It is so important I think to find photographers who really want to know you and want to cater the experience to who you are as a unique couple and family. I feel like they made such effort to know us and know how they could best capture our day that represented so much of our lives as a whole. I am a huge fan and and am deeply grateful for their approach to this whole process! 

John and Katelyn,
Thank you SO much for trusting us with your wedding.
We love you both!!

Zach + Rosalie Marion

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