Haley and Paul's Missouri Engagement

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I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Paul and Haley to celebrate their engagement! Paul and I (Rosalie) went to school together, so I’ve known him for years, but I was super excited to meet his girlfriend Haley, who was a California native! (Ya girl loves CA, so it was definitely a talking point!)

Back in the spring of 2018, Haley and Paul won our session giveaway and we clicked immediately! They are s super fun loving couple and have undeniable chemistry. I remember seeing a photoshoot with them that a friend, Jamie Holcomb, (You are the sweetest and super talented!) had shot in the summer time and was really excited to photograph them. It snowed that morning and was freezing, but looked like spring time when we started shooting.

When they got engaged and got into contact with me about shooting their wedding, I was elated! For this round we went to Carolina’s, a sweet little ice cream shop in Wappapello, Missouri, where Paul would stop and get ice cream growing up after fishing at the lake. (My family did the same, so it was special to get to visit!) After grabbing a cone, (and Paul eating his partially before we even started! haha) we headed down to the lake to catch an AMAZING sunset. There was a couple on a boat that just… like… circled around us on the dock though, so that was weird, but photoshop gave them the slip! Heh heh heh When the sun dipped below the tree line, Haley and Paul shared a couple slices of their favorite food, pizza.

This was important to me, and to them.
We didn’t just take pretty photos. We made real, tangible memories that will live forever in these photographs.

Haley and Paul,
When these photos pop on your timeline, when you pass by your prints,
I hope you remember the summer sun and how it felt. I hope you remember laughing at my awkwardness. I hope you crave ice cream and pizza and go on a much needed date.

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