A Snowy Engagement Session in Max Patch, NC and the Smoky Mountains

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Jess + Ryan

Max Patch, NC | Smoky Mountains | Wears Valley, TN


"I want there to be snow for my engagement session!" paraphrased words that would set the tone for our weekend with Jessica and Ryan. We've had one great snow of winter so far and it happens to be the weekend that we had set for all four of us to meet six /seven  hours away in the Smoky Mountains.

I'm so glad it snowed. 

When we finally made through the snow and ice to Gatlinburg, we were faced the challenge of all the park roads being closed. It was super sad, but luckily Tennessee and North Carolina have plenty of amazing mountain views, so we headed over to Max patch for some beautiful panoramic scenes. What we found at Max Patch wasn't mountains, oh no. lol We found a complete white out and negative degree wind chill. It was still breath taking. You can't tell at all how incredibly cold we were because of how freaking perfect Jess and Ryan are. LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT. The next day we headed to Wears Valley and took some of the best and most fun engagement pictures ever including one v. solid chest bump. Be prepared to be impressed. 

Next time we'll go to the baked beans plant, I promise guys.
We'll buy the first round.

We also made too many inside jokes, (see beans example above) listed to good tunes, and ordered identical plates at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was good, guys. It was good.




I;m thinkin bout thos beans
— -old guy