Swindle Wedding | Dexter, Missouri Barn Wedding

Dexter Missouri Wedding

Aftan + Logan | May 27, 2017

 We're in love with stormy weddings, and this one was no exception. There were declarations of love that made everyone who heard them cry. There were moments of pure joy and elation. There was a whole lot of love and it showed in every moment of their day. 

Aftan and Logan were married at Logan's family home in Dexter Missouri. The ceremony was to take place in front of their barn, but the weather had other ideas. Tornado sirens wailed, dark clouds threatened, but there was a serious calm over everyone who was there. We were all there for one purpose, to see these two soulmates say yes to forever. There was a moment when it felt like everything wouldn't work out, but Logan came to the rescue. He ran through the rain to where Aftan was waiting for the ceremony. She was hidden away, but that couldn't stop him from declaring his love and reassuring her that everything was going to be just fine through a crack in the door. There wasn't a dry eye.  We moved under the tent meant for the reception and in the midst of the thunder and rain, Aftan and Logan promised to love each other forever. 

It was perfect.