Nashville Engagement | Brad + Ashley Vol 1

You guys.
I don't think I can accurately describe the love that we have for this amazing couple.
We would take up an entire day of your time talking about how cool, fun, wonderful, creative, fan-freaking-tastic they are. For real. 

It all started with this incredible and wonderful friend of ours Amber, who owns Pipers Tea and Coffee , is a wonderful stylist, and so many other things, (Shout out to you! We adore you!) shared one of our Facebook posts and that's how Ashley, owner of the cutest company you've ever laid your eyes on Facing the Sunshine, found us! Fast forward a few months of emailing and we realize that Ashley and I (Rosalie) share a million and one things in common, including but not limited to a love of 30 Rock, feminism, art, fashion, and our sense of humor, and that we'll probably be friends forever. No big. It was only natural that when we met them in person, we loved Brad just as much! (She has good taste, obviously!) 

So here ya go, guys. Volume 1 of 2:
Pajamas, kitties, Halo Top, and the cutest apartment you've ever seen!