Lauren and Darius's Wedding at the Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano, California

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Lauren + Darius



Lauren and Darius are on our list of most amazing couples in the universe. One day as we were
checking out a Facebook group filled with SUPER talented photographers and saw a referral posted from a super gorgeous and cool looking lady named Lauren. I commented on her Facebook post and the rest is history.

They flew from Seattle, Washington to get married in their childhood state, California! When we first started talking to Lauren and Darius, they were doing the long distance engagement thing. Darius was only home on the weekends, so Sunday was their only full day together for a while. We flew out to shoot their engagement photos and in the car, on the way home, Sunday Candy began to play. This was their song.  On Sunday, June 11th Lauren and Darius were married at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano. When they shared their first kiss as husband and wife, Sunday Candy began to play and it was like this immediate bliss washed over them.  

Their day revolved around a combination of Lauren's free spirit and Darius's military back ground! Heavy floral and greenery arrangements, pops of coral, elegant glassware, and a soft and romantic color palette along with military ceremony's throughout the day. Lauren's incredibly easy going, fun, and beautiful spirit balanced perfectly with Darius calm, quiet, and sweet demeanor!

This is easily one of the prettiest venues we have ever had the honor of photographing. The Bloom of Time's florals and All in the Details Design did an incredible job bringing Lauren and Darius dream wedding to life. at the Franciscan Gardens. Soft white, pinks, and pops of coral were the perfect contrast to the amount of greenery featured in this venue.  (Can we talk about the hedge walls, please?!) After the ceremony, we headed over to the Mission San Juan Capistrano to take some oh so lovely portraits of the newly weds! (You'll wanna check those our! If your ever in the area, definitely stop by and visit!) Later that night, after all was done and the cake was eaten, we drove to Laguna to photograph L + D at "their spot". It was a large rock, jutting out into the ocean with an amazing view of the sunset and the city lights glowing in the face of dusk. Lauren worked at a restaurant on the beach when they were dating, and after work they would climb this rock and watch the sunset together. 

It was a freaking dream.
We can't wait to see these two again.