You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
-Wayne Gretzky
-Michael Scott
— Zach&Rosalie


Hey there! We are a husband and wife photography team living in the  St. Louis area. with our two cats.  Five years ago we began shooting weddings together and fell in love with celebrating alongside our couples.

You know that we're photographers but who are we?

 We are two spirit led soul mates who are pursuing kindness, compassion, and creativity in our day to day lives! We believe in slow mornings, second breakfast, and embracing the imperfections that make this world unique and beautiful.  Love is messy and we live for that. 

Rosalie is a total weirdo, vegetarian/animal lover, snorts when she laughs, and is small. She paints, sings,  looks at ads for dogs on Craigslist. (It's how we got Maddie.) and will steal a second piece of cake at your wedding.

Zach is funny,  loves history,  is a great listener,  appreciates memes, and collects albums on vinyl. He is also the funniest person on the planet and loves spooky unsolved mysteries.

When we're not working you'll find us traveling, creating, or spending the night watching movies or rewatching The Office, Seinfield,  andUnsolved Mysteries. We watch A LOT of movies and listen to A LOT of Bob Dylan! 

Unsolved Mysteries
The X-Files
Bob Dylan
The Office
Lord of the Rings
Flight of the Concords
St Vincent

Hunting for vinyl
Japanese food
Ice cream
Abraham Lincoln
Good scary movies
Breakfast food